The Science Behind Our Waterproof Vinyls!

Looking at the science behind our waterproof vinyl.

Here at Meadows Mobility, we pride ourselves in using the best quality materials for our products so that you the customer get the best for your money. So we thought we would start with the Panaz- Cadet Vinyl. A comfortable hardwearing fabric that is not only fully impervious but anti-microbial.

This range of fabrics is suitable for domestic or Care Home use. The fabric has an Acrylton layer for protection and resistance to chemicals. The fabric also has a Substrate base layer technology providing a solid foundation.


Recommended Cleaning :

  • Wipe clean routinely with a micro fibre cloth lightly dampened with cold water only. Then dry with a clean absorbent cloth.
  • Soak up spillages as soon as possible with an absorbent dry cloth prevent staining. Clean with a microfibre cloth, lightly dampened with cold water only.
  • If soiling has accumulated use a mild soap (non-alkaline). Take care to remove all soap residues. Then dry with an absorbent cloth
  • Remove any fluids or extreme soiling immediately (within 15 minutes) with cold water. Apply approved infection control protocol, a 10,000ppm chlorite bleach solution, Haz- Tabs or Chlor-Clean. Remove product residues and then dry with a clean absorbent cloth.
  • Do not steam clean, dry clean or fully immerse in water.
  • Do not apply solvents, alcohol or any chemical cleaners.

Note – Steam cleaning disinfects but the application of heat may fix staining substances and may result in permanent marks.

Note- Dyes and pigments form indigo jeans, ballpoint and felt tip pens may permanently stain.