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measuring an orthopaedic chair

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Measuring the ideal proportions of a seat for the purpose of comfort and practicality requires a few steps. It can start with actually measuring the person that will be sitting in the seat. Measuring in this manner is done by having the person in question sit, when seated, their feet must be supported by the ankles.


A lack of lower body support will cause serious discomfort over time. A seat that is low gives you problems in trying to get in and out of it. It, therefore, makes you vulnerable to strains. The pressure localizes at the hips negatively.


The knees should be supported by the hip. There needs to be a 90 degree bend at the waist the entire time. This helps with finding what would be an ideal chair seat depth for any person and size.


Placing your foot level on the floor and measuring the distance to the back of the knee will give you an indication of the size of chair you require. Bear in mind a chair cushion will depress when sat upon.